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Regain your health, energy and mental focus with Virtue during a customized one on one consultation. During your consultation, we will cover the basics of proper nutrition, then take a deep dive into a Therapeutic Protocol called GAPS and how we can adapt this protocol to fit your own unique struggles and lifestyle. We will learn how and why we can sometimes get into a cycle of feeling extreme fatigue, gain extra weight, struggle with brain fog, feel unmotivated and often silently suffer with various gastro-intestinal symptoms such as bloating, gas, cramps, loose stool or constipation.

Upon completion, Virtue will provide you with a personalized nutrition plan featuring 3 main Points:

What is the GAPS protocol and diet?

What supplements may help?

What lifestyle habits can you implement?

Various recipes included such as example breakfast, lunch, dinner. Snack ideas for your specific cravings and how to ferment your own veggies such as sauerkraut, how to make your own crème fraiche, how to make easy soups from scratch and more.

Virtue will provided you with actionable steps that you can put into place as fast or slow as you need depending on your personal symptoms. 

This personalized consultation will start with a full health history checkup & interview and could take up to 2 hrs. This is perfect for those wanting to take action and begin taking small steps towards better health through education and the support of a nutritionist who is by your side every step of the way. 

There are four main objectives to feeling well again that we will cover are....

1. Stop consuming foods that injure your gut & effectively your entire body

2. Start eating foods that will rebuild and heal your gut & ultimately your entire body

3. Reduce pathogenic activity in the gut and body by starving them out

4. Rebuild and revitalize your very own gut flora-the conductors of supreme health

Upon receiving your Personalized Plan, Virtue would like for you to aim for a minimum of 6-8 weeks of implementing the protocol. This will allow your body time to adjust and make it though the transitional phase which can be quite difficult. During this time, Virtue can support you via email for additional questions, or you may feel the need to book a follow up consultation at your discretion. 

If you wish to gain support in a more paced and gradual way, perhaps the group coaching class would be perfect for you. Please see below for the breakdown.

Specific Topics That we will cover each week-8 weeks total...

Week 1) Lesson 1: Introduction to GAPS AND WELCOMING DINNER, GAPS STYLE!
Week 2) 
Lesson 2: Gut and Psychology Syndrome AND Lesson 3: Gut and Physiology Syndrome 
Week 3) 
Lesson 4: GAPS Nutritional Protocol AND GAPS DINNER PROVIDED
Week 4) 
Lesson 5: The Full GAPS Diet AND Lesson 6: Stages of the GAPS Diet
Week 5) 
Lesson 7: Nutritional Supplements for GAPS AND Lesson 8: GAPS Detoxification
Week 6) 
Lesson 9: GAPS Practical Issues AND GAPS DINNER PROVIDED
Week 7) 
Lesson 10: Heart Disease AND Lesson 11: The Truth about Heart Disease
Week 8) 

Please note: At the end of each workshop, we will have 15 min. of time for personal questions however if you desire a substantial amount of dedicated one on one coaching, please book with Virtue directly. 

If you would like to join a few classes at a time, this option can be selected by paying per class.