Our Story

Hi, my name is Virtue!

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me! I own Virtuous Kitchen Inc. along with my Husband Gabor. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), and most recently a Certified GAPS Practitioner, a caterer and self proclaimed chef based out of Cambridge, Ontario. I am passionate about cooking fresh, wholesome, real food and providing support to individuals, families, teens & little ones to embrace and experience the power of food. Overcoming health challenges, reaching personal weight goals, improving digestion, increasing energy and concentration are just some of the ways that I am committed to supporting you. 

Over the course of my life, I have personally struggled with staying true and consistent with healthy eating. It wasn’t until my eldest son started showing signs of asthma as a very young boy along with repeated doses of antibiotics and puffers, that finally made me realize I needed to take charge of my families health and pay close attention to what we were eating. I am eternally grateful to have been raised by my parents who role modelled healthy eating habits and continually shared their wisdom of food and nutrition. All I needed was a reminder that food choices matter, that butter is better than margarine, that brown rice provides more nutrition than white rice, to eat more veggies! The changes we needed to make did not happen overnight, but gradually, one habit at a time, we began to rebuild our sons health. He was able to finally ditch the puffers and hasn’t had a round of antibiotics for many years. 

I have always felt a strong desire to work in a field that would allow me to support and help people in a meaningful way, thus the reason I enrolled into the program for registered massage therapy shortly after high school. I attended one year of college and then pursued growth within a fun, flexible and amazing coffee company. In a way, I found myself “helping” people through casual conversations, crafting up their drink of choice and through many community volunteer events. As 16 years flew by, I found myself wanting to help people on a deeper level, somehow, with healthy eating. I began researching possible careers that would allow me to get into the kitchen with people, families and especially children. I wanted to take an active role in helping people connect the dots between health issues and eating real food. To my surprise, an actual program existed! I enrolled quickly into the Natural Nutrition Program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

One year into my studies and I could visualize this awesome community kitchen where kids were welcome and having fun while cooking healthy new foods, where people could come to participate in health focused workshops and have hands-on cooking lessons. I was deep into the business module of the program, writing my business plan which led me to researching costs of a certified kitchen, when to my surprise again, I stumbled across this humble little catering company for sale. This was the kitchen I needed! After agonizing weeks of analyzing the potential for this business, sleepless nights, talking over the possible pros and cons with my husband and prayers for guidance, we decided to take a leap of faith, and bought the business. It has honestly been the hardest thing we have ever experienced, mentally, emotionally, and physically. (I have truly experienced the mind, body, spirit connection and how it can tear you down when under extreme stress.) I have learned to control the anxiety and calm the mind which enabled me to push through and keep focused on the original goal and purpose of our kitchen, to help people eat more healthy in a fun and supportive environment. 

Fast forward 7 years and glad to say we have made it through major construction on King Street, and survived a global pandemic. We have made progress in transforming the humble little catering company, formerly Kates Katering into a multi-faceted business, now Virtuous Kitchen Inc. (my Dad’s idea!). We cater daily for three local Montessori Schools which I am deeply grateful for as they supported us greatly through the pandemic shutdowns. We have a small line of therapeutic freezer meals, offer personalized nutrition coaching and a quarterly 6-Week Nutrition Program. As you may have noticed, we also rented half our kitchen to Lalola Catering whom opened up the store front restaurant serving a delicious Spanish fair-please visit them at their new location in Kitchener. 

Our hope is to continue with our mission to inspire others to cook virtuous food, eat and share with family and friends and feel the positive power of food. Whether its through one on one nutritional consultations, cooking lessons, health workshops, meal prepping services, or catering, my aim is to help people eat wholesome quality food that our bodies were meant to thrive on, live with positive energy and lift each other up, and learn to trust your body in it’s ability to get balanced and well. 

If you have questions or comments, or if you would like to work together, please reach out to me! 

Virtuously Yours in Health,