Collection: Keto (Ketogenic) Meals

Local pickup only. Delivery unavailable unless special arrangements have been made. We are located in Cambridge, Ontario.

The Ketogenic Diet is a very low carb, high fat diet that encourages your body to begin burning fat as fuel rather then carbs. Many have reported a feeling of increased energy, weight loss, mental clarity, diabetes control or reversal, improvement in depression/ mental health and much more. Strive for a minimum of 28 days-3 months to begin feeling a positive difference in your body. Tracking your fat and carbohydrate intake can be beneficial when you are just starting out. Using an APP such as Carb Manager is great. Increasing your healthy fats is the most important step in succeeding on Keto and many find this a challenge therefore starting out with premade ready meals can be a true support for your health journey.

Please contact Virtue should you require a Dairy Free Keto Meal Plan. 

*Please note: when starting any new diet or major lifestyle change, please consult your physician before starting your new protocol.

All meals will be frozen and need reheating with a general instruction given however ovens vary. Preheat 350-375 F. Bake 35-55 min. for frozen or let thaw in refrigerator over night for reduced reheat times. Stirring and/or checking at 20 minutes. Internal temp. of 165F recommended for food safety guidelines.