Children's Hot Lunch Program: weekly ordering
Children's Hot Lunch Program: weekly ordering
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Children's Hot Lunch Program: weekly ordering

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Put your mind to rest with our hot lunch program for your child. Each week that you choose, our team will carefully prepare a hot lunch for your child and deliver it promptly prior to lunch hour. Your child's lunch will be labelled for easy pickup at the office. 

As you review our monthly calendar, you will see that we have repeating daily themes. Repetition and a sense of routine can help children feel comfortable with new foods while looking forward to some of the same foods. We aim to keep our menus fresh and new however strive to repeat meals that we know the children love!

Monday is Chicken or Turkey Day, Tuesday is Pork or Fish day, Wednesday is Soup, Stew, and/or Sandwich Day, Thursday is Beef or Vegetarian Day

Please see the 2 options to customize an order schedule that works for you. Please contact Virtue at should you need further clarification. 

If you have not done so already. please fill out and submit the digital form below for each child participating. We require a form to be filled out once for the new school year unless your child has new allergen or food preference, then please update us asap.