Chicken Bone Broth
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Pastured Chicken Bone Broth Frozen: 1 cup

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This chicken bone broth is frozen into 1 cup increments for simple use. Some easy ways to incorporate broth are to use it instead of water for simmering veggies or stir fry, add to your soup. or simply drink as a therapeutic tonic or during a fast. |Bone broth is mineral rich, contains collagen and amino acids.  Please note: bone broth is not advisable for all. If you suffer from a leaky gut which many do, the high glutamate content could be aggravating to neurological/ behavior conditions and make it worse such as anxiety, trouble sleeping, insomnia, behavioral outburst in children etc. It is also high in histamines which can further aggravate certain individuals with histamine intolerance. It it advisable to drink meat stock instead to heal and seal the gut wall before introducing bone broth.